Crunch along to these awesome Cookie Songs

Mission Statement

Music connects us all. It allows us to feel, emote, and relate with other human beings. It is one of the most important inventions that humanity has ever created. It will last long after we are gone and will continue to inform future generations about where they came from and dream of where they can go. A lot that also applies to cookies. Cookies are made around the world from thousands of different ingredients but the most important ingredient of all is love. There has never been a place for these two similar things to meet up until now. Cookies and songs can now live together and feed off each other’s creativity. I believe one day that all songs will be about cookies. 



The Best Music Streaming Service Award (awarded by a music blog that only has one post and no website hits yet)

The Jody P. Sherman Award for Excellence in Human Friendships with Their Baked Goods

The National Audubon Society's Award for Music to Encourage Bird Mating

The Humanitarian International Award for Music That Unites All People in the Entire World

The Gingerbread Men Representation in Media Award

Every Grammy

Each artist on site a Winner of the Great British Bake-Off Spin-Off Show, The Search for the Next Singer about Baked Goods

"Music Most Likely to Give My Child Nightmares" by the Simpsonville PTA

The Nobel Peace Prize

On This Day in Cookie History

In May 1923 in the small town of Franklin, North Carolina, a restaurant owner by the name of Sarah Humbleton decided to bake chocolate chips into her cookies. This was the first time it had been done and would change the cookie game forever. Up until then, people were just baking plain cookies and then sprinkling chocolate chips on top right before they ate them. The chips would roll off the cookie before you could take a bite and get all over the floor. It was a huge mess. Sarah became a millionaire just after two days of selling the new and improved chocolate chip cookies with the chips baked in. 

Other Notable Events:

1949: The first harmonica that was going to be launched into space fell out of the space shuttle

1968: The first anti-cookie song war protest hit America worldwide.

2011: The Girl Scout Cookie called "Ladies, Let's Ditch This Annoying Troop Leader and Go to Vegas" was discontinued

2014: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's piano was sold at auction for $0.03 and half a peanut

2019: Marcia Blofdale was trampled when her local grocery store put Nilla Wafers on sale on a senior discount day. (She survived and is now living her dream as a PA on Chicago Fire)

2050: This website won every Grammy award.

1254: The St. James Bible: Cookie Edition was first baked and eaten by Italian monks.

Cookie Songs Listener of the Month


Name: Camdren Heptch 

Age: 26 

Hometown: Lansing, MI 

Bio: “I love so much! I also love it when my office gets me a cookie cake for my birthday. It really warms my heart and makes me grateful for that fact that I get to work with such cool people. That being said, it really freaking annoys me when my co-workers take a slice of the aforementioned cookie cake. Like, it’s my cookie cake and it’s my birthday, so just back off. I can eat the whole thing. I don’t need your help. I would let you know if I did and that day will never come because I literally eat 2 of these things a week even when it’s not my birthday. I’m really appreciative that everyone got together and ordered a cookie cake for me but I really get heated when people come over with multiple plates and forks for the cake. Like, you want some, go down to the bakery and order your own cookie cake, this is my special day. It makes me sick to my stomach but not sick enough not to eat the whole cake. These past five birthdays, I’ve had to take my cookie cake to the copy room and eat it in three minutes flat before anyone gets wise to what I’m up to. One year I got back to my desk after eating the cookie cake really quick and everyone thought the cookie cake disappeared; so  they ordered me another one. Hahahah can you believe that? I got two cookie cakes on that birthday. I felt like a secret agent and a king. The secret agent birthday king. Well, I better get back to work. I love!!!” 


How do I submit my own cookie song?

It’s easy! Record your cookie song and then burn it on to a CD. You can then take that CD to my cousin Jason’s house. He just got a new computer. He’ll download the CD and then turn it into an MP3 and then upload it to the site (see bottom of page). 

Is it true you are designing an app?

No. I don’t know where this rumor got started but neither I nor Jason are designing any kind of app. I really don’t get apps and I don’t want to. Please stop asking about the app now please, there will be no app. Like, what would we even make? Ugh. Do NOT get me started on apps.

Have any of these songs won awards?

Yes! But the artists mailed them right back because we are doing this for our love of cookies, not for metal statues. Send us cookies not metal statues!

Have you tried to build a house out of cookies?

I have and every attempt ends with a gnarly tummy ache. I just end up eating any progress I make. I’ll keep trying but I know I’ll keep failing. 

Are you scared of ghosts?

You know it!! 

Can I find these artists in my local record store?

Of course! I’ve hidden flash drives filled with these songs in the floorboards of nearly all the local record shops in North America. 

Do you like any other desserts?

You can see yourself out. 

What’s the best way to contact the admin for

Call my cousin Jason’s house. He’ll pick up, get a detailed message from you, write me a letter, and send it to my house. Once I receive that letter, I’ll walk over to my cousin Jason’s house and call you back from his landline.

Wouldn’t it be funny to see a cookie sing a song while wearing a top hat?

:D I’d watch that!!

What’s the craziest thought you’ve ever had?

The crumbs that fall off a chocolate chip cookie are just millions of little chocolate chip cookies and the crumbs that fall off those crumbs are millions of microscopic chocolate chip cookies. Ya know? 

How did you get the idea for this website?

In a nightmare. 

Where can I get tickets to Fest?

More info coming soon! This is exciting! We are in final talks with city hall to see if we can get a permit to set up a stage on the roof the abandon grocery store! Also getting confirmation that the abandon grocery store was not abandoned because of ghosts. Fingers crossed!! 

Cookinspirational Quote of the Day

"Eating a chocolate mint cookie is the same as brushing your teeth." 

Submit Your Own Cookie Song

Send us a YouTube link of your cover of one of our Cookie Songs or your own original Cookie Song!